Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School At Beauty World

Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School At Beauty World

The Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School is a non-denominational Christian elementary school that was founded in 1889. Its mission is to train students to be better people and leaders, by teaching them the values of Christ. The school offers students an enriching program that enables them to learn about the Chaozhou culture. It is a Christian school that is not discriminatory in any way. The school’s religious program is based on Christian principles and is designed to help students develop a love for God and the Bible.

The school was renamed Pei Hwa Presbyterian in 1995. Its crest is a blue and white symbol, representing the sea of knowledge, and a plum blossom, symbolising perseverance and determination. The crest also contains the Chinese character for Pei Hwa. The school is located on 7 Pei Wah Avenue, just a short walk from the beauty world metro station.

Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School is a SAP and co-educational school located at Pei Wah Avenue, Bukit Timah. It teaches English and Chinese as first languages, with 12 classes of thirty pupils each. The school is also near several MRT stations: Beauty World MRT station (Downtown Line) in Bukit Timah is 320 metres away. To the east, King Albert Park MRT station is 1 km away.

Nanyang Primary School is a coeducational elementary school in Singapore with students aged six to 12. It has a distinguished tradition and has emerged as a top-ranked primary school in Singapore. The school aims to foster the development of personal opinions and interests while cultivating well-rounded, responsible individuals. A list of its authors is available on Edithistory. The articles have been copied from the Tampines Ave 11 Condo Draft Namespace and can be viewed there.

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