5 Reasons Why Bukit Timah Properties Are Sought After by Investors

5 Reasons Why Bukit Timah Properties Are Sought After by Investors

5 Reasons Why Bukit Timah Properties Are Sought After by Investors

The rising median price in Bukit Timah is no mystery – it has increased by nearly 80% from $1,800 in 2015 to $2,300 in April 2019. As of April 2019, the average unit size in Bukittimah has shrunk from 130-150 sq m to around 65-70 sq m. Despite the increase in median prices, the region still offers great investment opportunities for the investor. The latest development is Condo Launch Jalan Anak Bukit.

Forett at Bukit Timah

Forett at Bukit Timay is an up and coming high-rise in the city-state’s prime district. The development’s green thematic design makes it a prime location, near Bukit Timah Hill, Bukit Batok, and the MacRitchie Reservoir. The condominium also features various green amenities, including sky terraces, a pool deck, a karaoke room, and a function room in the middle. The enclosing of the pool area also makes it feel like you’re in your own private landed estate.

The Forett at Bukit TimaH development features a massive plot of land, a long swimming pool with 50m between buildings, and a frontage of 300 meters. This makes Forett at Bukit Timah a highly sought-after location. The developer, Qingjian Group, has already completed a number of other developments in the prime CBD area, including the upscale and highly-regarded The Creek.

Hazel Park

Located in the Upper Bt Timah district near to Condo Launch Beauty World, Hazel Park in Bukit Timah offers residents easy access to amenities like parks, schools, and commercial areas. The neighbourhood is near the Tan Chong enterprise zone, a development that’s geared towards enhancing its connectivity to the rest of the island. Investors are also attracted to Hazel Park’s proximity to schools and commercial centers.

The 3-bedroom Hazel Park condo is priced at S$1 million, despite being just over a year old. It’s surrounded by construction on the outside of the estate, which makes it noisy and unlivable at night. The neighbourhood is also surrounded by shell petrol and canal, causing air pollution and noise pollution. This development is a few minutes’ walk from the future MRT station. However, it’s still too far from the main road. And the building’s only block faces north/south, which is also unfavorable for those who love the afternoon sun.

Investors should look beyond the location if they are looking for a place to invest in. The proximity to the MRT station has become an important factor. Its location is ideal for those who commute to work. Investors are likely to choose Hazel Park in Bukit Timah because of its accessibility. It’s also surrounded by many amenities, including public transportation. Unlike other developments, Hazel Park in Bukit Timah offers access to public transport and a 24-hour security system. Its basement car park is also large and has a wide entrance and exit.

Perfect Ten

There are many reasons why Perfect Ten Bukit Timah properties are in high demand amongst investors. Not only are they located in a prime location but are also quite affordable, as the development only offers two and three-bedroom units. These units range from $2.5 million to $4 million, making them affordable only to higher income earners in Singapore. Investors can take advantage of this by purchasing a unit in this development, as the price is likely to remain stable even if prices rise.

The perfect Ten condominium is a freehold project located at 321 and 323 Bukit Timah Road. The development is a freehold project that features two iconic 24-story towers that feature a total of 230 units. The building’s symmetry makes it attractive to investors and it offers unobstructed views of Bukit Timah Road and the Goldhill landed enclave.

McDonald’s Place

McDonald’s Place in Bukit Timas was closed in 2014, after being there for more than 30 years. The company decided to move to its new headquarters in Queenstown in Singapore, where it is now the corporate headquarters of the fast-food chain. Previously, it was used as a service depot and terminal for the Green Bus Company. The property is zoned for residential and commercial use.

Investors have flocked to Bukit Timah as it is the closest MRT station. It also has a future integrated transport hub and is near to many shopping malls and amenities. Investors and property developers are interested in the prime location and the potential for rental income. Listed properties are also very desirable as they provide a steady income stream. If you are looking for a long-term investment opportunity, Bukit Timah may be the place for you.

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